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Industrial Freight Lift
Industrial Freight Elevator

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Industrial freight elevators: Material handling lift/hoist power
Lift and freight elevator technology meets decades of material handling expertise. The result? Economical, safe, and streamlined material handling lifting and load/machinery moving. Cardinal Integrated Systems of Louisville Kentucky partners with leading industrial freight elevator manufacturers to bring you American-made equipment that withstands years of heavy use with ease. As an alternative to freight elevators, we also offer vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC lifts). These VRC lifts are exempt from elevator codes and can be installed in conditions that are prohibitive to elevators but where material still needs to move efficiently between levels. For additional lift and hoist options see our full line of lift tables.

Looking to compare freight lifts or just have a question? Get the information you need. For straightforward, expert help without the hype contact or call 1-800-666-5600.

Freight lift features
Stability: The unique reinforced car and 14-guage steel construction create a sturdy design that stays rock solid, lift after lift.

Easy load: Part doors manually or add power for extra convenience. Safety door-opening technology included.

Ergonomics: Every aspect of this industrial freight elevator design keeps worker comfort and low-strain usability in mind.

Safety: Each freight lift is constructed with slip-proof flooring, interlocks to prevent operation when not properly secure, and additional safety features.

Material lift applications

  • These elevators are made for heavy-duty, high capacity material handling. They’re built for constant use in your busiest areas with low maintenance needs and smooth performance every time.
  • Easily lift equipment, material handling machinery, industrial containers, pallets and more. Industrial elevators withstand years of tough use and just about anything you can throw at them.
  • Travel or transport personnel, equipment or other loads between mezzanine floors.

Vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC lifts)
Exempt from elevator codes and restrictions, vertical reciprocating conveyors are a highly economical and efficient way to move material between levels. You’ll see them operating in mezzanines, modular offices, and any building with levels or half levels.

We can custom design your industrial freight elevator or material handling lift/hoist system to the specifications you need. Find out how Cardinal Integrated Systems finds the solutions others miss. Contact or call 1-800-666-5600.