Light to Heavy-duty Shelving Racks

For your bulky, heavy, unevenly shaped material storage challenges, cantilever pallet racking is an economical choice. The key to this design is the lack of an upright beam in front, which allows for extra-easy access and streamlined picking anywhere along the shelving system. With no front beam, you can pull material from anywhere on the storage unit. Heavy-duty cantilever shelving racks are available for industrial pipes, tubing, and more. There are also several medium or lightweight options.

This pallet racking design reduces handling time and saves space for long items such as pipes, carpet rolls, lumber and other materials that are hard to fit in some warehouse spaces.

Fast and easy handling is just one advantage of the cantilever design. The lack of a front beam on this pallet racking system also makes it a more compact option than many other shelving systems. Cantilever racks can be installed end to end in tight configuration.

The open design and lack of a flat shelf adds a degree of safety – if the sprinkler system goes off in the event of a fire, the water flows freely through the racking without barrier.

Heavy-duty Cantilever Racks

Despite the cantilever rack’s lack of a front support beam, this pallet racking option can handle heavy-duty applications with no problem. Store your heaviest piping, tubes and lumber with complete peace of mind. Heavy-duty cantilever racks can handle loads of up to 6,000 lbs per shelf arm.

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