Improving Safety Just Got Simpler.

Protect industrial vehicles, equipment, your facility and your personnel with these innovative, cost-effective collision protection wraps. Each wrap provides tough cushioned protection around poles, columns, racks, bollards and corners. It’s hard to believe until you see them in action, but despite their simple appearance these wraps take a beating and bounce back into shape almost immediately. And your equipment? A vehicle that might otherwise be dented, damaged or even destroyed bounces off to safety without a scratch.

The wraps work on two fronts: The flexible material offers absorbent collision protection, while bright colors and high visibility add an ounce of prevention. Wrap around concrete columns, posts, corners and more. The collision prevention wrap quickly forms itself back into shape after a hit, most of the time with no detectable dent or weakening of its structural integrity.

Collision Protection and Prevention Applications

  • Wrap around concrete bollards, columns, or main structural beams for higher visibility and impact absorption.
  • Add to interior corners that may case scrapes or damage to industrial vehicles or forklifts in transport.
  • Cushion racks, mezzanine structures, support columns, even large cement columns in parking garages outside your facility. There’s a size for everything!

This is a great prevention and protection investment. Stop collisions before they start, and take the impact out of a hit if it happens. These wraps are simple, cost-effective, and built to last.

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