Seal the Gap and Save

Dock seals, pads, and shelters are an essential part of energy savings and safety at the loading dock. By creating a “seal” or shelter around a loading/unloading truck, valuable heat or cool air is kept in while weather, excessive exhaust fumes, dust, and debris stay out. Shelters and seals have also been shown to reduce theft and improve loading dock security.

Rigid Loading Dock Shelters

The toughest of the bunch, rigid-side loading dock shelters are built for the long haul. Highly resistant to wear and tear, the rigid shelter fills in the gap between the truck and dock door opening for a snug fit.

Soft-sided Dock Shelters

Soft-sided dock shelters are more versatile and portable than rigid shelters, with a foam material that allows the trailer to press completely up against the door. Other flexible loading dock shelters are made of PVC material plus durable polyester that seals out weather and debris. Both are great options for a more flexible shelter.

Flexible Rail Shelters

Made of a steel flexible rail frame plus vinyl or fabric, this is another flexible and lighter-weight dock shelter option that provides exceptional protection and temperature control. Easy to move from door to door for on-the-fly convenience.

Foam Loading Dock

Seal Foam dock seals are an inexpensive option and work well for oversized loading dock doors. Adjustable-head foam dock seals feature a flexible flap that can fit a variety of truck heights. Foam dock seals with head curtains have traditional foam seals but also feature a hood-style curtain that attaches to the rear of the truck.

Loading Dock Pads, Bumpers, and More

Protect your loading dock against bumps and dings from trucks with heavy-duty pads and bumpers. These tough pads absorb the impact of inevitable trailer and truck impact, extending the life of your loading dock and your trucks for years.

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