Warehouse Storage & Gravity Flow Rack Systems

What do you get when you combine the power of gravity with dynamic flow rails in one rack system? Streamlined material handling that cuts costs and keeps your warehouse running smoothly. Gravity flow rack systems are live storage, meaning the stored material is in motion, rotated with each load/unload through the power of gravity and regulated with speed controllers.

This first-in/first-out design makes the system an ideal carton flow option for high turnover inventory.

It’s a simple concept: flow rack rails are installed at a decline, and gravity pulls the next palletized carton or case into place when the first in line is removed. This is a high-density load storage system that uses maximum amount of space with a minimum amount of aisles needed. Because cartons and cases are automatically brought forward, pallets can be stacked back to back with only one access side.

Experience & Expertise

The planners and warehouse engineering teams at Cardinal Integrated Systems have extensive experience with live storage rack systems. We’ll be happy to meet for a free on-site visit and take a look at an existing system, or go over plans for expansion or relocation. As always, we’re here to help – our goal is to grow with you and be your resource center for pallet racking questions and information. You can count on Cardinal to put gravity live storage systems to work for your competitive advantage.

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