Indianapolis Industrial Freezer Doors: Cold Storage and Walk-in Cooler

When traffic is heavy, walk-in cooler or freezer doors hold the key to efficiency. Make the trip twice as quick with speedy industrial freezer doors. Control your cold storage climate to perfection with precision sealing. Close or open in as fast as 100” per second. Our warehouse planners and engineers in Indianapolis, IN can also couple your cold storage door system with an air curtain design for added efficiency.

Standard Features

  • All doors come with a double seal system for added air-tight connection in industrial freezers or cold storage.
  • Doors feature a controller system that detects, diagnoses and facilitates repair in the event of a broken seal or damage.
  • Self-repairing technology: Hit a button on the controller system and the freezer door fixes itself and gets back to work.

High-performance Options for Walk-in Coolers/Cold Storage Doors

  • Safety sensors: Most of our industrial freezer and walk-in cooler doors are equipped with safety beams to detect traffic below and stop any door-closing injuries before they occur.
  • Add visibility without walking in to your cooler or freezer with optional window panels.
  • Reduce frost/ice with safe, secure heat tape options.
  • Allow emergency egress from walk-in coolers with an optional quick-release system. Weights open doors quickly when the release is pulled.
  • Wireless operation: Eliminate cord confusion and damage to industrial freezers with this advanced wireless system. Skip tangled cords and step into the future of efficient operations in Indianapolis.
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