Roller, Skatewheel, Telescoping and More

Indianapolis Gravity Conveyors

Put the power of gravity to work. Our conveyor team has decades of experience finding efficiencies others miss. We can evaluate your current industrial conveyor system and improve both space and power usage with gravity options. We can also design and install a system from scratch.

We partner with the best manufacturers in the industry, so you get experienced material handling engineering and time-tested quality products with every project, every time.

All gravity conveyors are power-free, and the technology is improving every day. You’ll see these conveyors being used more and more throughout warehouses and distribution centers as the interest in saving power (and costs) continues to be a priority. Let us help you plan for an efficient future.

Skatewheel Conveyors

Ideal for shipping/receiving applications or as a streamlined solution when a temporary conveyor is needed. Skatewheel conveyor systems are highly economical, but designed for lighter loads and packages with even surfaces. You’ll find skatewheel conveyors in warehouses, food plants, distribution and shipping departments as well as in assembly and other production areas. They can convey materials that are wider than the width of the system, but can’t handle loads with uneven bottom surfaces.

Roller Conveyors

These systems are used for loads that have uneven surfaces. Roller conveyors are also used for heavier loads than skatewheel conveyors. The rollers on these conveyor systems allow you to easily transport awkward loads like barrels, crates, pails, wire-mesh containers, wood and more.

Telescoping Conveyors

These expandable conveyors are a versatile and flexible option. Portable and easy to use, they can be expanded and curved to accommodate a number of configurations. Used for a wide range of loads from heavy to light, you’ll see telescoping conveyors in temporary applications on loading docks and shipping areas, or anywhere capacity needs to be flexible. Telescoping conveyors offer a great way to save space during low production times and bump it up during peaks.

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