More Space Anywhere You Need It

Set up guard houses to control traffic flow at the gate. Add a mobile office to a temporary work site. Build onto an existing office. Mobile offices make it easier than ever before! Tell us what you need and we can deliver a pre-fab solution usually within a couple of weeks, ready to go. Mobile offices are so portable, they’re often called office trailers. You can forklift your fully assembled mobile office or guard house anywhere you need the extra capacity.

Temporary Modular Buildings

From large exterior offices to small sheds find modular buildings for any application. Choose size, insulation, lighting and interior color options—we deliver portable offices pre-assembled and ready to go. These stand-alone structures protect from the elements with insulation, and provide comfort and plenty of power for operations.

Guard Houses

Set up kiosks or guard houses anywhere you need to keep personnel safe, protected or equipped with extra workspace. Portable guard houses, toll booths, office trailers, and kiosks are outfitted for power so your personnel can run computers, gear or (for those really long shifts) the television and popcorn maker! They have windows and sliding or swing doors plus heating and cooling options for extra comfort. Highly rust-and-impact-resistant, these offices may be mobile but they’re built to last.

We’re your resource center for modular and mobile. Contact us or call 1-800-666-5600 for fast information, office estimates or just to compare notes.
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