High Density Storage for Low Buildings

Some buildings don’t have a lot of vertical space to spare but still want to benefit from high-density storage. In that situation, horizontal carousels are a brilliant solution. Horizontal carousels are computer-controlled, come with inventory control software for down-to-the-last-detail inventory accuracy, and offer a wide variety of custom options. Use with vertical carousels or as an alternative, high-density storage now comes in every possible configuration.

Stand-alone or Custom Configurations

Horizontal carousels are highly flexible systems. You can install a single stand-alone carousel, or create an integrated, high-density storage “pod” or cluster. The configuration possibilities are endless!

Let our Lexington warehouse planning experts get started on designing a custom system that’s right for you.

Save Space and Time

With horizontal carousels, you can save up to 75% of your floor space. No matter how high (or low) your ceiling, we can make the most use of the space by using a tier configuration for your horizontal system. We can accommodate as low as 13”, and as high as 40”. In addition to packing the most punch per square foot, horizontal carousels save valuable time; picking orders come right to the picker, prompted by the quick push of button or a barcode scan. You can also increase accuracy to 99.9% and cut down on worker walking/searching time by bringing product to them.

A Safe Investment

In addition to offering a number of safety features, such as 100% access to the horizontal carousel components in the event of an emergency, the ROI on these systems is great. Many people see a return within an 18-month period.

We know your time is money so get the facts you need fast! Contact us or call 1-800-666-5600 to talk about horizontal carousels or any high-density storage solution in Lexington, Kentucky.
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