Roll-up, Overhead and More

Bowling Green Industrial Doors

High-speed closing. Security. Air-tight sealing. Temperature control. We rely on our industrial doors to control workflow and work environment in a number of important ways. From loading docks to cold storage units and several convenient locations including Bowling Green, Cardinal Integrated Systems has the industrial doors you want and the warehouse planning expertise you didn’t know you needed. Helping you find missed opportunities and efficiencies is what we do best. Together we’re working to keep our customers competitive in every aspect of their operations. For additional energy savings we can integrate air doors/curtains with your industrial door system. We offer industrial doors in our Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, and Indianapolis locations.

We offer the best industrial doors in Bowling Green in the industry, tested for years of reliable use and solid performance:

Freezer, Walk-in Cooler and
Cold Storage Doors

Seal in energy savings with a variety of cold storage doors, including PVC and vinyl strip doors. Combine with air curtain technology for the ultimate in cold air efficiency.

Impact/High Impact/Traffic Doors

Choose from flexible traffic doors to rigid swinging warehouse doors. Control the flow of traffic and preserve indoor air conditions perfectly. We’ll help you find the right impact door for your budget throughout Bowling Green.

Industrial Sectional Doors

Includes overhead dock doors for industrial loading areas, as well as steel and insulated steel options.

Security Doors & Gates

Get added warehouse security with solid steel security doors and industrial gates. Protect your warehouse or facility from the edge of your driveway to your inner offices. Combine with wire mesh partition systems for even more security options.

Steel Rolling Overhead Doors

Combine flexibility with solid strength and security with a variety of industrial roll-up/overhead doors. Highly customizable to just about any size.

High Speed Industrial Doors

When traffic is heavy and security is a concern, open and close in a hurry with these ultra-fast, highly-reliable high-performance doors.

Rubber Doors

These tough rubber industrial doors represent the ultimate in weather-resistance for your warehouse.

Cut overhead and add efficiency with advanced industrial doors for your warehouse. For solid information, smart engineering and good customer service in Bowling Green, Kentucky and the surrounding areas. Contact Us or call 1-800-666-5600.
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