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Indianapolis Industrial Lift Tables

Need to raise, lower or more easily position a heavy load? An industrial lift table may be the solution. Typically used for pallet handling, work positioning or loading vehicles when the freight is heavy or unwieldy, lift tables can work in even the most rugged environments. They can also be easily expanded to integrate with other equipment like conveyors, turntables, barriers, and more. We offer industrial lift tables in our Indianapolis location and surrounding areas.

Hydraulic Lift Tables

These lifting tables use hydraulic cylinders to power the platform into place. They’re the perfect solution for work cells, docks, throughout distribution facilities and any place reliable lifting power is needed.

Pneumatic Lift Tables

 Tackle your heavy lifting jobs with pneumatic lift tables that use air bag inflation and deflation to lift and position the table. Our Indianapolis location and team offers a variety of pneumatic lift tables with different capacities.

Floor-Level Lift Tables

Floor-level lift tables eliminate the need for forklifts, ramps or expensive pit mounting. They adjust to comfortable work levels for increased efficiency, productivity, and worker safety.

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