Steel Warehouse Mezzanine Floors

Lexington Mezzanines

Warehouse space is one of your most valuable assets. Our warehouse planners have delivered serious savings to customers with innovative steel mezzanine floor design that revolutionizes existing space. Our consultations begin with the problem (new growth, outdated and inefficient space use, relocation) and go well beyond the solution: We create a system that grows with you for decades. Don’t settle for reactive design that does nothing more than solve your current challenges. We offer mezzanines in Lexington, KY, and other locations throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Talk to our team for an industrial mezzanine structure designed for serious success.

Industrial Strength, Leading-edge Lexington Mezzanine Flooring Structures

Every aspect of our mezzanine design team’s work is done around three principles: strength, efficiency, and performance. Strength so that your industrial mezzanine floor system lasts for decades and you see a solid ROI. Efficiency in adding intelligent space that improves current warehouse design or capacity. And performance that exceeds your expectations every step of the way.

Smart Space

Add a level, an in-plant modular office or a new storage structure for your warehouse. Steel mezzanine floor systems can be used to create a multi-level structure, a half-level between floors, or provide a temporary space during busy times with semi-portable mezzanine storage systems and fully integrated freight elevators.


The speed of the construction process (vs. new construction) means little to no down time for you. Because of our experience, we know the quickest way to get the job done right with minimal interruption to operations. Steel mezzanine floor systems are also far less expensive than relocating or a new construction, and there are significant tax advantages.


Safety is always a top priority for us. We have the leading safety equipment including industrial guard rails, skid-free stair surfaces, and wire mesh partitions.

Mezzanine flooring in Lexington, KY is a huge investment. Contact Us or call 1-800-666-5600 any time to learn more or to request case studies and recommendations.
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