In-Plant Offices, Wall Partitions and Modular Building Systems

For in-plant offices, the modular options are endless. Create and configure two-story office systems, add office wall partitions to divide current office space, or install a new office from scratch. Our unique modular building systems bring flexibility and versatility to work for you—and the savings can be surprising. Let our warehouse planners give you a free consultation to show you how pre-fab solutions can make the most of your space and your budget.

Office Wall Partitions

Divide in-plant offices into multiple areas or add wall partitions for additional privacy, versatility and noise insulation. Office wall partitions can create elegance without compromising visibility with large glass/window options.

You’ll see these glass wall partitions in conference rooms or dividing up large open workspaces; they let in light beautifully but keep sound and distractions out. Specialty office wall partitions can also be installed for modular clean rooms.

Build “Up” and Save Space with a Two-story Office System

When it’s time to expand, vertical construction may be the ideal way to make the most of your space. Build a conference room on top of an executive office, or install double offices, one on top of the other. There are also options for storage structures, security areas and more. A two-story office system can be installed quickly with minimum interruption. All walls are sanded and finished, and you can customize your two-story system with office shelving, windows, and heating/cooling options.

Contact us or call 1-800-666-5600 to learn more about in-plant offices and modular building systems for any application. No matter what you need, we’re here to help.
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