Parts Carousels: The Density Difference.

Reclaim valuable floor space and improve accuracy with vertical parts carousels. Stack and store “up” to increase storage density and capacity up to 60%. Improve picking and other accuracy issues with automated vertical carousels. Want to go wide instead of high? See our horizontal carousels.

The key advantage of vertical storage and the part carousel system is that instead of searching for product throughout a warehouse, the product is brought right to the picker or other work staff. This cuts out walking/driving/search time and saves valuable horizontal space.

Other benefits of these industrial carousels:

Reduce strain and improve ergonomics

No more ladder climbing or awkward bending. The product comes right to you, right on time. Get the part or product you need within seconds for improved service, accuracy, and capacity. Your parts carousel can be stand-alone or integrate with inventory control software for flawless performance. Delivery becomes a matter of the click of a mouse versus a walk across the warehouse floor.

Double duty

Warehouse carousels also offer refrigerated or other temperature-controlled storage, combining both the storage and retrieval functions in one seamless system.

Our vertical carousel partner is Hänel, one the most innovative companies in the industry. They have been leading the way in cost-cutting, environmentally sound industrial storage technologies for over half a century.

With our warehouse planning services we can evaluate current productivity and give you a detailed proposal if we see automated parts carousels would benefit your operations. Working with Cardinal Integrated Systems means you always know benefits, specs, plans, and return on your material handling investment before you make it.

For facts, figures and no-obligation information about parts carousels, contact us or call 1-800-666-5600.
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