The Streamlined Pallet Racking System

Indianapolis Push Back Racks

This system of pallet racking also uses gravity to push pallets in back to the front position during picking. Inventory is loaded onto pallets with nested carts that roll on slightly angled rails. Loading a pallet onto the racking system pushes the pallet behind it back one position. Unloading allows the pallet to roll forward smoothly and evenly.

Push Back Rack Advantages

Generally a higher-density storage option than standard selective pallet racking, the push back system is versatile, energy-efficient, and can be built several levels high and over eight pallets deep. A few other pluses include easy access and last-in-first-out storage. You can also cut down on handling time as pallets and product move easily into place. This system provides the golden combination of density plus accessibility, which leads to higher productivity.

High Density

Store 2, 3, 4 or 5 pallets deep. Each lane of push back pallet racking operates separately from the lane beside it or the lane below it. This allows for greater efficiency and versatility in storage options.

Handling Is Done on One Side

This saves on the need for aisle space. Some think this limited access hurts picking speed, but the push back rack system has been shown to be highly efficient.

Solid Structural Pallet Rack

Made with structural steel rails, every push back rack system is built to last. Because it doesn’t suffer the wear and tear of forklift drive-in pallet racking systems, push back racks have exceptional life spans.

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