Industrial-strength High-Speed Rubber Roll Up Doors

For high durability with lower impact we offer some of the toughest rubber doors on the market. Albany offers a heavy-duty rubber door system that forms a tight seal against wind, dust, fumes and other irritants. Use in the worst weather or the heaviest traffic areas, these doors can take a beating.

The secret to all this toughness? Where others use springs, chains and sprockets for the mechanical functioning of the door, this workhorse is operated spring-free with a direct drive motor. This simple, streamlined roll up design means years of reliable use and reduced maintenance.

Spring-less, Self-repairing, Roll Up Rubber Doors That Bounce Back Fast

These industrial doors have several important advantages in addition to their solid, spring-less design:

Safety first. The UltraTough door has the option of a sensor system that stops and retracts the door if anything falls within its range. A proven means for reducing any injury as well as equipment collisions that could harm your rubber door investment.

Built to last. These roll up doors feature high-strength structural steel throughout the door, as well as an ultra-strong rubber curtain with a full warranty.

Easy troubleshooting. In the event of any problems or an impact with the door, a unique controller system alerts operators with an LED indicator system.

Wireless ease. Eliminate coil cord hassles and hazards with wireless operation.

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