Removable or Permanent Steel or Concrete Vehicle Barriers

Designing a bollard system to protect equipment, industrial vehicles and personnel is a fairly low-cost investment that pays off in smarter traffic flow and collision prevention. Retractable bollards also help with security. Additionally, bollards can be placed around sensitive or key equipment to form barriers to forklift or other industrial vehicle traffic.

Concrete Safety Bollards

Concrete bollards are ideal for additional security outdoors – they resist all kinds of tough weather. Although they are concrete, these safety bollards are available in movable options as well as several other custom options such as color and diameter width. Typical concrete bollards have a diameter of roughly 6”.

Steel Safety Bollards

These are the most flexible types of bollards because steel can be forged in a wide variety of sizes and custom options. Steel bollards can be embedded in a sidewalk outside, or bolted to a movable platform. Finishes for steel bollards range from bare to painted or powder-coated.

Removable/Retractable Bollards

Some bollards are designed to be removable or portable. They’re bolted to a base that can be transported to different areas of the warehouse, depending on traffic flow and safety needs. Retractable bollards are designed to retract into the ground when not in use. They can be retracted or left in place by security personnel to control exiting/entering traffic as needed.

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