Security First: Industrial Gates, Grilles and Doors

When security is the priority, these industrial doors and gates lead the pack. Designed for smooth, fast operation and unstoppable protection, you’ll find you’ve made a smart purchase that protects your facility as well as your peace of mind year after year. Secure garages, office equipment, restricted-access areas or warehouse entrances—we have industrial security grilles, gates and doors for every application. See our steel rolling doors and wire mesh partitions for even more security options.

In addition to expert installation and follow-up industrial maintenance services, here are some of the other advantages of our industrial security doors:

Quiet operation: Designed for smooth rolling, these grilles roll to an open or closed position with little to no metal-to-metal friction. The result? A clatter-free ride and frictionless operation for longer life.

Replace easily: Finally! A security grille with components you can replace as the years go on. Replace slats and other components with ease.

Security meets safety in one door: All doors have a number of safety options including a camera-activated stop system, emergency manual egress and cord-free, wireless operation. Prevent injuries while getting the best protection there is.

Can’t find what you need? Our industrial engineers and planners can design a custom door system for just about any scenario. Give us a call to talk about how quickly we can get your new door designed, installed and in place for years for exceptional service.

Let us evaluate your industrial doors. If there’s a way to improve efficiency or security, count on Cardinal to find it. Contact Us or call 1-800-666-5600 today.
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