Popular Pallet Racking for Easy Access

With selective rack, the priority is easy picking and maximum accessibility rather than the highest possible storage density. This kind of pallet racking is very common—you’ll see it anywhere there’s high-turnover product in a warehouse. It’s a highly economical option and can be designed in a variety of configurations.

It can also accommodate forklift or other traffic and is easily integrated with mezzanine floor systems or other racking options like gravity flow rack.

Single selective rack keeps the rack aisle-accessible on both sides, but you’ll also see this pallet racking stacked back-to-back for more storage density. Because this is such a common and popular storage option, selective pallet racking is highly customizable with a wide range of sizes and capacities. A powder coat finish adds resistance to common warehouse solvents, water, and wear.

Total Accessibility, Versatility & Durability

Pick product from any side to cut down handling time. If storage density is a concern, selective pallet racking can be configured back-to-back and re-configured any time to accommodate changing warehouse needs. Made of strong structural or roll-formed steel components with added powder coating protection, selective rack is an investment that lasts.

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