Indianapolis Uesco Cranes

Cardinal Integrated Systems carries Uesco industrial crane systems that are all custom-built for your operations. We also can arrange financing options for industrial cranes. We offer industrial cranes and hoists in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Power at the right price is our goal. Designing a system for your needs can involve modular components, unique attachments, combination systems, or the use of electric machines to increase efficiencies. Every day we’re using the latest technology and putting it to work for our clients with advanced industrial Indianapolis crane systems, including Uesco cranes.

Monorail & Enclosed Track Cranes

Lightweight and high strength. Find enclosed track and workstation cranes of all types including monorail systems, jib cranes and other enclosed track crane options.  READ MORE…

Overhead & Suspended Cranes

Find ceiling-mounted bridge cranes, jib cranes, bridge cranes, portable gantry cranes and more overhead crane systems. We do it all! READ MORE…

Cardinal Integrated Systems partners with the leading manufacturers in the country to provide equipment that brings our customers the competitive advantage they need. Quality, commitment, and never-ending material handling service are our personal pledges to you.

Whether you just want to find out more, want comparison information or have a material handling challenge you can’t figure out, we’re your resource. Contact Us or call 1-800-666-5600.
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